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Cloud Drives

  1. Share Files Professionally across multiple computers and locations.
  2. Offsite secure storage of data
  3. Easy access anywhere
  4. Pay as you grow pricing

Managed Antivirus

  1. Effective protection against virus’ and malware
  2. Core Technology from world leader in antivirus protection
  3. Web based management and notifications
  4. Automatic updates and scans
  5. No additional hardware needed
  6. Easy Deployment

Hosted Exchange

  1. Free Outlook 2010 for Windows or Outlook 2011 for Mac
  2. Anywhere access to email, contacts and calendars
  3. Smart phone integration
  4. Free Virus and Spam filtering
  5. 4 GB storage per mailbox
  6. Increase collaboration and efficiency through shared scheduling, documents, contacts and email
  7. 99.9% uptime

Cloud Backup

  1. Always-on, automatic backup for PCs and servers
  2. Self-service recovery for users
  3. Data drive delivery available
  4. Encrypts data and backs up to local servers while data is in transit and at rest in secure, off-site data centers and restores to any Internet-connected laptop, desktop, or server. Or, backs up directly to the cloud without the need for additional hardware.
  5. Easy deployment
  6. User empowered recovery options

Spam Filtering

  1. Low False Positives
  2. Multiple filters
    1. Adaptive blacklists
    2. GreyListing
    3. Rules-based content filtering
    4. Distributed traffic pattern analysis
  3. Quarantine and/or tag and deliver