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Author Archives: Kevin Adams

About Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams has extensive experience with VoIP systems and has built them from the ground up around the US and around the world. His expertise also extends to many facets of Microsoft business systems, the intricacies of network configuration and management and a deep and abiding love for muscle cars.

Small Business Network Setup (Part 2)

Your Windows Server Picking up from where we left of in Part 1, you’ve got your new office, wired it up with ethernet, installed a killer firewall and wireless network. Now it’s time to buy the server. We are going to assume you will be using this server to hold and secure files, run your […]

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Small Business Network Setup (Part 1)

So you’ve started a new company, and you’re pretty sure you don’t need the geek squad to milk you dry to setup your office computer network. What do you need? Computers of course. And a network. Now what? What’s a network anyway. And what’s a server and why do I need one? In the modern […]

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Backups, backups, backups

Backups? Are we talking about backups? I’ve got all this work to do, life to live and we’re talking about backups? It’s one of those things; we need to do it, we know we have to do it, yet we never get around to it. Your company computer guy, your geeky nephew, and even Rush […]

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